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Board Members & Committee Members

2009-2010 MASFSA Board Members

2009-2010 MASFSA Board Members
Holly Furlo,  Fiona Gray, Rhonda Johnson, Teesha Montague, Carolyn James, Jan Wilson, April Ewing-Miles, Peggy Finnigan, Keith Hudson-absent, Victoria Pirrung-absent, Christine Ruszel, Bob O’Donnell, Joyce Kammerzelt, Audrey Atkins, Patricia Gammalo-absent.
President Holly Furlo Saginaw Valley State University
President Elect Rhonda Cobb Henry Ford Community College
Vice President Teesha Montague Washtenaw Community College
Treasurer Carolyn James The University of Michigan
Secretary Jan Wilson Schoolcraft College
Past-President Fiona Gray Washtenaw Community College
Representatives for Schools and Vendor
Four-year schools April Ewing-Miles Wayne State University
Private schools Peggy Finnigan Madonna University
Community Colleges Keith Hudson Wayne County Community District
Director of Associate Members Victoria Pirrung Enterprise Recovery Systems

2009-2010 MASFSA Committee Members

Conference Committee
Christine Ruszel (Chairperson) Northwestern Michigan College
Duane Barber (Co-Chairperson) Northwestern Michigan College
Kristi Hallett (Co-Chairperson) Northwestern Michigan College
Teesha Montague (Co-Chairperson) Washtenaw Community College
Membership Committee
Bob O'Donnell (Chairperson) National Account Executive
Joyce Kammerzelt (Co-Chairperson) ConServe
Professional Development Committee
Audrey Atkins (Chairperson) NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
Patricia Gammalo (Co-Chairperson) Security Credit Systems, Inc

Past Members